Let's share kendo & friendship

LONDON KENYUKAI (LONDON KENDO DOJO) is a kendo dojo(club) based in Tower Hamlets, London

We proudly moved our venue to the brand new 'Poplar Baths Leisure centre ( next building to All Saints DLR station) after 4th successful anniversary at ​Third Space Canary Wharf.

Our new venue is superb condition. clean, safe and spacey and easy to access. that enable us to enjoy practice more and work even hard. 

Our aim of Kendo practice is  

To mold the mind and body,

To cultivate a vigorous spirit,

And through correct and rigid training,

To strive for improvement in the art of Kendo,

To hold in esteem human courtesy and honour,

To associate with others with sincerity.


We would like to build friendship and share individual's life experiences through kendo practice.  

As kendo is demanded intensity, strictness, and etiquette, all of us can learn from each other and discipline our human character through it.


Mulberry Sports Centre (Wed/Sun)

Richard St, Shadwell.


The Island Sports Trust (Mon/Fri)

George Green's School, 100 Manchester Rd

London E14 3DW

+44 (0)7984033393     

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