Kendo is a martial art that is deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of Japan. Discipline and mutual respect are positive in focus, aiming at encouraging the development of emotional and social skills as well as technical expertise in the art of sword fighting.


Kendo is a full contact sport which is played by means of one-on-one striking on clearly defined targets protected by armour(bogu) with a bamboo sword that helps shaping good physical condition and general well-being. It is an activity that can be safely practiced by people of diverse ages, genders, and with most physical conditions. 

Kendo is one of most favorite martial arts for self-discipline and self-defense in Japan and Korea especially for school children and getting more popular in more countries. Kendo will help the school students to improve more mental and physical confidence as well as disciplinary manners.


MONDAYS         20:00-22:00 (all ages, all levels)

WEDNESDAYS   19:00-22:00 (all ages, all levels)

FRIDAYS             19:00-21:00 (all ages, all levels)

SUNDAYS           11:00-13:00 (all ages, all levels) 

** Make sure you arrive early to sign-in and changing in time.  

For further enquiry including private or small group lessons, corporate team activities, email to or call/text on 07984033393



Mulberry Sports Centre (Wed/Sun)

Richard St, Shadwell.


The Island Sports Trust (Mon/Fri)

George Green's School, 100 Manchester Rd

London E14 3DW

+44 (0)7984033393     

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