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Joining club

LONDON KENYUKAI (LKK) is an All aged (No Age nor gender restriction) member’s dojo(club) with a membership fee and also an open keikokai charges for practice per session (visitors and members). Fees can be paid in many ways but standing orders are preferred as they reduce administration and consequently big discounts are given for payment in this way. 

(click here for fee details)


Therefore, LKK, we do specially run family sessions which adults and children can practice together (from 4yrs old).  Our instructors are fully BKA qualified and DBS(CRB) checked. our child protection policy requires Juniors (aged 18 years or less) to be accompanied by a parent/guardian ( a parent surely recommended practice together with own kids as a great family fun and challenge, if not, no problem at all. you can stay and watch or leave rely on the child's age and condition, )

The dojo membership application form can be downloaded here.  LKK membership entitles you to train and use club equipment at the Dojo, and register with the BKA as a London Kenyukai member.

Membership of the British Kendo Association should be arranged separately.  BKA membership application can be made via online form here. This will provide you insurance and permit you entry to a range of Kendo events (e.g. training camps, gradings and competitions). 


Beginners' Courses

If you want to start kendo, we strongly recommend you join our '5 session beginners’ course. We supply all the equipment necessary to start, except clothing. You can wear a tracksuit or loose fitting light-weight clothing. Please email for any enquiries.

To join the session, simply send us your application form and signed waiver by email and pay the fee in advance to confirm your place.  you can still bring them with you on arrival of the starting date but we prefer sending by email earlier to avoid hectic start of the day.

The course is 5 sessions and mostly last at least 5 weeks, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Sundays.

Though the course has an open starting date, we suggest you join early of each month. also, courses fill quickly and enrollment is strictly on a first-come-first-served basis (on receipt of application form and fees), so book early. 

The Beginners Course will be offered the instructions from experienced and fully qualified coaches, use of club equipment). Beginners also get a discount on the subsequent term fees and exclusive discount on any equipment purchase from eurokendo.

Please make sure to arrive at least 15 mins before to register and changing before start. the session will start sharply and will last 60 mins, then you can still stay at the hall to watch senior's practice. An observation is one of the best way to improve (we call it 'Mitori-geiko'). Feel free to ask any questions about kendo to the sensei(instructors) or senpais(senior members) after sessions 


* Dojo is the place to practice martial art in Japanese language.

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